Sunday, January 4, 2009

What is a Pixelographer?

I do consider myself a professional photographer. I mean I do make all of my income from shooting images that are printed in a newspaper. I have been doing this for over half a decade. (That sounds a little more impressive that 6 years). But why not be called just a photographer.

Well let me explain. I first and foremost relate myself to being someone who creates photographs that specializes in journalism photography. That would refer me most to being a photojournalist. However, I do not only have a concentration in a documentary style. I shoot anything I see. Weddings, portraits, landscapes, strobe, underwater, nature, animal, sports, news, features, experimental, and creative photography are all categories that I have developed skills in. You see it, I can photograph it. This extends my concentration in photojournalism more wide spread to being that of a more encompassing photographer. So why is it not

With the digital photography reaching mass markets, it changed the way photography was looked at. Photography was the process and reaction of chemicals to light, thus creating photographs. These pictures were a tangible artifact of history.

Take it from the literal meaning of photography is "Writing (graphy) with light (photo)".

"Everything is the past, unless it is recorded; then it becomes History"

Or better explained by Ansel Adams as "Only the print contains the artist's meaning and message."

With digital photography, there are so many pictures taken and so little actually are published. A lot of my work is published, yet there is so much more that is stored in the digital space of hard drives and DVDs. These images I intend to showcase online. There will probably be ones that have been published as well. I do not feel that these images should be considered appropriately called a "photograph". From a digital perspective, this would make me someone who should not be considered a photographer at all, being that these images are primarily digital and not photographic. Therefore the name "Pixelographer" was created. It was meant to mean "writing with pixels", which is a pretty good definition for this blog. And besides it is easier to bookmark than:


Yeah, I think I'll keep it short.

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