Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black Dog in Black Burned Building

How do you photograph a black dog in a dark black charred burned building? Just like everything else. You just won't be able to see the dog camouflaged in the ashes.

The other day a fire broke out at an apartment complex in Oroville. One unit was burned entirely and the investigation to the cause began. Fire investigator Marnie Gedney used her accelerant detection canine Roxy to sniff out any accelerants that might have been around to speed up the fire's destruction. Roxy is a black lab and pretty much camouflages completely within the charred ashes of the fire. It is an interesting image that was taken because you can see the destruction very easily, but the true investigator, Roxy is very hard to see.

Oroville Fire department fire engineer/fire investigator Marnie Gedney (left) uses her accelerant detection canine Roxy to sniff for any accelerants inside a unit that was destroyed by a fire in the Bunny's Leisure Apartment at 790 Montgomery St. Wednesday, January 19, 2011 in Oroville, Calif.
(Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)

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