Saturday, April 24, 2010

Football Scores for Baseball Game

I was shocked to see Feather River College baseball team put up 8 runs before Butte College even got a chance to bat. But as Butte coach Anthony Ferro said to his team at the end of the top of the first inning, "Forget about it. Let's just have some fun." Well fun they did have as the game eventually turned into something that looked more like a football score than baseball. Unfortunately for Butte, they still managed to loose the game at the end. The final score was 22-14. Maybe it's just me, but baseball season has just started, and I am already getting excited for football.

Butte College's Austin Prott, Brandon Evans, and Michael Pena (left to right) congratulate each other on scoring off a double by Greg Ruggles (not seen) against Feather River College in the bottom of the fourth inning during their baseball game at Butte's Cowan Field on Friday, April 23, 2010 in Chico, Calif. (Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)

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