Saturday, July 17, 2010

Body in Creek

A woman notified Chico State police about a dead body she found in Big Chico Creek along the west side bike path of CSUC campus. Chico Police took over the investigation because the body was located on city property, not the University's. It is still under investigation. Police try to secure the scene and I respect that. They need the area to not be tampered with to conduct an investigation. As long as they are not too unreasonable in their request I am able to work around it.  I do not want a picture of a dead body, however, I do need to be on scene to photograph the activity that accompanies an incident like this. 

CSUC police officer Dale Glander stands guard at the police line on the bike path near Yolo Hall to not let anyone disturb Chico Police investigating the scene of an 1144 dead body found by a woman alongside Big Chico Creek and Rio Chico Way near the Chico State campus on Friday, July 16, 2010 in Chico, Calif. The woman contacted CSUC police, but they turned the investigation over to CPD because it was on city property. (Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)

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