Thursday, June 4, 2009

Na na na na na na na na...Native! 5 of 8

Day Five: Enjoy the Beach!

The fifth day we were able to relax again for most of the day. And isn't that what being on a honeymoon is? We ventured out onto Hapuna Beach, a nice place just north of our resort. The beach was very nice. The sand was soft and perfect. While we laid out for about 20 minutes, my photographer side began kicking sand in face telling me to get up and take some pictures. I admit it. I can't just lay out under the sun for very long before I get bored. And with being in such a wonderful place, why would I just lay around?

Water crashes onto the shores of Hapuna Beach on the Big Island - Hawaii in April, 2009. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

Relaxing in the soft sand of the Big Island - Hawaii in April, 2009. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

I took my underwater camera and went into the water. I tried to get a shot of the waves crashing down on the beach. The beach was nice. It wasn't great. The sand was nice and the weather was fine. But this was a sandy beach. There wasn't any coral to snorkel around.

Sand fills the crevice of a carving in the rocks along the shore of Kona-Hawaii in April, 2009. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

By law, all the shoreline of Kona-Hawaii and all the other islands are public property. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

After a while of relaxing and playing, we decided to search out other parts of the island shores. In Hawaii, all the beaches are public property by law. This means that no one can have a private beach home. Just something to keep in mind. Because we went searching and found a couple of public access areas that emptied right into people's backyards. They had nice views, but I am sure occasionally you would find a tourist (just like us) who would be wondering around your property.

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