Thursday, May 28, 2009

Na na na na na na na na...Native! 4 of 8

Day 4: Creatures of the Coastline

After the volcano, we decided to relax again on the resort property. Though for me lasted only about 20 minutes before laying out by the pool grew tiresome and I decided to adventure around the resort.

The nice thing about the resort, was that it offered much animal habitats. While near the pool we found a variety of creatures. One in particular was this little lizard. I saw the lizard crawl up a palm tree and decided to take a shot of it. I ended up following it around the tree about 10 minutes fighting to get a good glimpse of it. Then it happened. The lizard opened up its neck and I got the shot.

A lizard hangs from a palm tree at Waikoloa Resort in Kona Hawaii. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

The other part of the resort that lent itself to animal intrigue was a "basking area" for sea turtles. The sea turtles in Hawaii are protected under state law. You are not allowed to touch them. The resort offers a lagoon on the property that opens up to the ocean. Many sea turtles come in from the ocean and prop up on the part of the beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find 5 sea turtles laying out that day. They were just there basking in the sunlight. It was really neat as I was able to get very close to them. Come to find out they became a regular sight every day.

A sea turtle basks in the sun at Waikoloa Resort April 13, 2009 in Kona Hawaii. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

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  1. Great photos Jason. I love the close-up detail.