Thursday, May 28, 2009

Na na na na na na na na...Native! 2 of 8

Day Two: Explore the Resort!

On the second day, with no rush to create a hectic schedule, we took the day to relax and explore the resort. There is a lot of animals that walk around the resort. This offers quite a bit of fun wildlife experience right outside your resort door.

We were also able to lay by the pool, and what a pool it was. There was a water slide and a cave that you could swim into with a pool and a hot tub. We laid out and swam. The resort was very large and offered a lot to do. But the best parts were not the things build for the resort property, but the natural scenery around the resort.

Later that night the sunset was a perfect Hawaiian sunset. The full circle of the sun and its orange glow over the horizon lit the island wonderfully as it set behind the palm trees. It was great to walk around the property and look for the best sight of the sunset. Later in the evening after a wonderful dinner we walked around the resort again finding the evening blissful with all of its color.

A bird on the resort was a frequent and friendly visitor. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

A waterfall and pool cave next to the water slide was part of the wonderful accommodations at the resort that you would forget there was an ocean just 30 feet away. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

The sun sets behind palm trees on the Big Island on April 11, 2009. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

The sun sets far into the ocean horizon on Kona, HI., on April 11, 2009. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

The resort lights illuminate the resort grounds in the evening. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

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  1. Beautiful scenery shots. The lights in the last one really make the photo.