Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bee Creative

Bee boxes are popping up all through the area and trying to get a closeup of such a small insect can be challenging. But with a little effort and time I was able to snap a photo of a bee in flight. Luckily, there was also another bee buzzing by in the background. I think it makes for a little more interesting picture than the bee not in motion. What do you think?

A group of bees fly around in a field along Durham-Pentz road Friday, April 15, 2011 in Butte Valley, Calif.
(Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)

A bee pollinates a flower along Durham-Dayton Rd. in a field Friday, April 15, 2011 in Durham, Calif.
(Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)

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