Friday, August 28, 2009

You Know Your Camera Is Old When...

...there is a spider trapped inside the top LCD display!

Yes, it is true. Granted this camera is 8 years old, but who would ever get the evidence of seeing a spider curled up inside the camera body. I use a Canon 1D. That's it; no Mark II, 1Ds, or even Mark III. Just the good old classic. I am actually very thankful for it. It is a beast. Not only in its size, but in it's durability.

The other day I noticed a spider located inside the top LCD display. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

I have a Canon 40D as a second camera body, but it's just not as fast. The quality is far superior, but the handling just isn't the same. Even though the 1D is only 4MP, it works great for newsprint. I just can't give it up.

The spider was curled up dead inside the left edge of the LCD display. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

I received a camera when I started working at the Chico Enterprise-Record over four years ago. About 2 and a half years ago, I sent it in to be fixed. Canon Professional Services could not find a part to the camera and issued me a refurbished used camera. It felt like a new camera to me, even though it wasn't. Since then it has been bruised and battered. Tossed, dropped, soaked, thrown, and dirtied. Don't think I treat my camera with abuse. It wouldn't be if I, myself weren't tossed, soaked, thrown and dirtied with it. It goes where I go and so is damaged as I am.

The spider is very small, yet visible. (Jason Halley/ProPixelographer)

The other night I checked my settings and was shocked when I noticed a spider inside the LCD display on top of the camera. I don't know how it got in there and I don't know how to get it out. I will say that I am pretty sure this means I need an upgrade.

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