Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Reason Newspapers Will Still Be Here In The Future

Though the hard times with the economy are seeing bursts of life, we are still on a long path of recovery. I stumbled across something that gives me hope for the need of newspapers into the following years.

It is true. Newspapers fight crime. They report on activities and keep a watchful eye on communities to be a superhero of their own. The economy has brought some pain to the reporting staff of a newspaper, but the newspaper can still be used as a crime fighter.

It is called a Laptop Case for MacBook Pro Against Crime, and it does what it is against crime. You just take this cleverly disguised laptop case to give the impression that your nice expensive laptop is nothing more that a cheap crummy newspaper. And it's that simple to combat theft.

Newspapers can still have a need in the future. Just think, you can't have your "newspaper" that you carry around contain the same date and stories. No, you need it to be updated everyday you carry your laptop. I can still have a job taking pictures for a fake newspaper laptop sleeve. There is hope!

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