Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vote for fellow photographer Mike Greener new travel book

Everyone take a look at fellow photog friend Mike Greener who is counting on some votes for his new book (which you can also buy) about his tavels. Great stories and photos! I'll have him explain the rest.
Mike Greener at the Eddie Adams Workshop. (photo by Stephen Lam)

Mike Greener October 28 at 9:27pm
How's it going everybody? Bare with me on this. Back in the winter of 2007 my brother Eric and I realized how distant our friendship had grown over the last couple of years. Through college and the demands from our jobs we had lost touch. So we decided to remedy it by quitting our jobs and taking an unplanned backpacking trip from the Patagonia to Panama for six months. Needless to say it was an epic trip full of mishaps and adventure. Upon my return I decided to put the collection of journal entries and edited down the thousands of pictures I took and put them into a new book called "Shopping for Dynamite -A Brotherly Adventure to South America".

I am writing because now I could really use your help. With the recent release of my book have decided to enter it into a travel book contest. The contest is based off a voting system and the top 10 voted on books will then qualify for professional judging. I would really like to be apart of that. It's grand prize is $3000.00. If you could spare a couple minutes -you'll have to register but it's with a cool company that doesn't spam you. I'd really appreciate it if you click on the link provided below and vote for my book. Help me reach my goal of 1000 votes. Once you have voted please forward on this link and encourage your family and friends to vote. The more the merrier! After you are done, I'd be curious to hear what you think of the book. You can view pictures of the printed book on my blog link below. Thanks so much for the support.
Best Regards,
-Mike Greener

He has some really great stuff. Give him a good vote! I did.

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