Thursday, April 9, 2009

Setting Sails to Hawaii

Aloha! I just finished packing my bags for Hawaii. I am setting out with my beautiful wife to spend a whole week on the Big Island for our Honeymoon. As so, I won't be posting any blogs for a while. I will be enjoying my wife. I just checked the weather, and we are actually going to get some rain while we are there. It won't be like cold north state rain. I mean its going to be 75 degrees and still raining. Ah, I love the tropics. That's the rain you can dance in.

Cassie and I have our picture taken in 2007 along the beach of Waikiki in Oahu, Hi. Diamond Head can be seen in the background. (photo taken by Gloria Halley)

Cassie and I had travelled to Oahu two years ago and now we decided to head back trying to see a volcano and waterfalls. We love it and are excited to go. I'll keep it short being that I am too excited to keep writing here, and not travelling. Aloha!

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